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100 UK Graffiti Artists #1 UK Street Art
    Feb 12, 2013 · 100 UK Graffiti Artists #1. Frank “Steam 156” Malt has recently created this book due to his tireless documentation of graffiti and he serves to preserve what the buff or the elements will certainly destroy. It’s a great addition to anyone’s collection of …

10 Of The Best British Graffiti Artists You Should Know about
    Over the last 10 years the public perception of Graffiti has changed from vandalism to art & personally I put this change down to 2 artists, British Graffiti/Street Artist Banksy and American Street Artist Shepard Fairey, yes there is a difference between a Graffiti Artist and a Street Artist but I’ll leave that for another article. So without further ado here is some of the best Graffiti Artists in England, in …

10 Contemporary British Artists You Need to Know Widewalls
    Banksy started as the outlaw graffiti sprayer on the walls of Bristol in 1990, and since then, he managed to garner great worldwide fame and recognition (in 2010 he found himself in the company of Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga on the Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people) and became one of the most famous British artists. Banksy’s graffiti works are a combination of striking images, …

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